News & Upcoming Events

  • There will be a second community lakebed clean-up of organic debris on 8am Saturday 4th November. Meet at Derek Graves (property under construction) 6935 Sandy Shore Rd.
  • Week of November 21st DEHC will inspect the dam, lakebed & private docks prior to authorization of filling the lake.
  • By now members will have received their property tax notices which includes the special tax district assessment of $1,500. Any questions please call president Jimmy Adams.
  • Arcadia Lakes Town election November 7th 2017: Mayor Mark Huguley is unopposed for another four-year term. James Cullen is seeking a first term. Incumbent Peter Chesney’s name will not appear on the ballot because he did not get enough signatures on his election petition. But voters may write in his name.
  • Arcadia Lakes Town Council Meetings are held every first Thursday each month at the Town Hall at 6711 N. Trenholm Rd.

Members Only Area

Update on Dam Reconstruction Project – November 1, 2017

CLHA Members,

Many of you have seen the progress unfolding with the dam construction project. The good news is DEHEC is planning to inspect the completed project in three weeks. Assuming DEHEC approval, after the inspection, the gates will be closed and the lakebed will gradually be filled with water.

This notice is to urge everyone to use these remaining weeks for debris, trash, plants and such from the lakebed. DEHEC will also inspect lakebed docks or piers. All docks should be repaired or removed for DEHEC to give approval. The DEHEC concern would include damaged docks crumbling and the materials flowing over the dam and moving downstream. Make certain your docks are safe and in good repair.

Should other information be provided, you will be promptly notified.

The latest video on the dam rebuild October 15th 2017 can be viewed here.

President Jimmy Adams & Vice President Mark King have recently emailed updates on the dam reconstruction project.

Dam rebuilding is expected to be finished mid-November followed by 2 – 3 weeks to fill from Jackson Creek. Pictures of the dam as at October 25th are attached under the dam reconstruction tab.

Pictures of the dam as at September 14th are attached. The contractor will repair the community dock wall & ramp. There has been much discussion about lakebed growth of weeds & saplings. Jimmy & Mark have requested lakefront owners to clear any growth 50ft from their walls. This is not mandatory, rather advice to improve the appearance of the lakeshore. The central areas of the lake will display growth above the water level until nature does its inevitable job of slowly killing the weeds by starvation from sunlight & oxygen. There have been many opinions posted on this topic as to how long it will take to restore the lake to a safe condition for swimming & boating. There have also been opinions expressed about the merits of either allowing nature to take its course by doing nothing or accelerating recovery by clearing the undergrowth. In either case there will be significant floating debris & in the first few months the lake is likely to resemble French onion soup. The engineers assure us that this will not affect the three new sluice gates or the spillways.

One CLHA member, Lee Burton, at 6941 Sandy Shore Rd has “bush-hog” equipment that is self-propelled and has successfully used it to cut down growth on the lakebed outside his property. He is offering his services to members for a fee – contact Lee at

Burning debris is not an option. It is prohibited by Richland County until November 1st and after that requires a permit to be obtained – call 803 576 3404 for details.

Members may also need to pay attention to organic debris being sucked into their irrigation pumps. It may be helpful to use a sump pump basin around the end of the intake pipe. These are available at Home Depot or other hardware stores see link.


New Jackson Creek Elementary School & Magistrate Courts

Members will no doubt be aware of the tremendous investment by Richland County in the Dent area around Decker Boulevard led by Richland County Councilman Jim Manning. The new Jackson Creek Elementary School and the $20 million Magistrates building are just the beginning. Planning is in progress for a $2 million streetscaping improvement of Decker Boulevard using funding is from penny tax receipts.

The County has responded magnificently to lobbying efforts by Gills Creek Watershed Association, Cary Lake Homeowners Association & others for control of storm water run-off which has a beneficial impact on Cary Lake. Storm water from these projects is effectively triple filtered before discharge through use of permeable concrete, underground settling tanks & finally a rain garden.

CLHA member Alicia DeMhyrer has been successful in obtaining a grant from Palmetto Pride to install trash cans on Decker Boulevard. Other members of CLHA have been involved in judging science projects with the students & staff at Dent Middle School. These projects are for design of raingardens to mitigate storm water run-off from school buildings, car parks & athletic fields. The Rotary Club of Forest Acres has partnered with Dent Middle School to provide food packs to underprivileged students. For details contact Rotary President Sandi Olsen at

All these projects are improving the quality of water in Cary Lake.