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  • The annual general meeting was held Monday January 30th 2017 at the Tree of Life N. Trenholm Rd. The minutes of this meeting will be available shortly. The good news is that the board has selected a contractor to rebuild the dam, progress is being made on obtaining permits and that the SBA has approved a loan over 30 years to fund the project. It is anticipated that construction could start late spring 2017. New By-Laws were presented at the meeting. These have been modified to take into account new membership situations since formation of the Special Tax District.
  • By now members will have received their property tax notices which includes the special tax district assessment of $1,500. Any questions please call president Jimmy Adams.
  • Arcadia Lakes Town Council Meetings are held every first Thursday each month at the Town Hall at 6711 N. Trenholm Rd.

Members Only Area


In the evening of Wednesday 5th October 2016 three officers of CLHA met at the County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton Street to formally organize the Cary Lake Special Tax District Commission which had been approved by Richland County the previous day.

CLHA President Jimmy Adams, Vice President, Mark King & Treasurer Karl Reinecke approved thirteen agenda items under the direction of Attorney Lawrence Flynn of the Pope Group.
Following the Call to Order, Invocation, and Pledge, three matters of importance were voted upon in organizing. (i) The election of officers – President, Jimmy Adams, Vice President, Mark King, and Treasurer, Karl Reinecke.
(ii) Adoption of By Laws of Cary Lake Special Tax District. The documention of By Laws were prepared by Lawrence Flynn (six pages) and were approved by the officers.
(iii) Adoption of a resolution by the new officers authorizing the Tax District Commission to levy a tax in the amount of $1500 per parcel for the rehabilitation and repair of Cary Lake Dam.
W. Kevin Bronson (803-576-2041), Assistant County Administrator, is the point person for dealing with matters between the County Government and the Tax District Commission; and James Hayes (803-576-2604), Senior Accountant with Richland County Auditor’s Office, is the point person with the County Tax Auditor.
The assessment fee in the amount of $1500 per parcel will be included on the 2017 tax mailings. As more information becomes available, notifications will be given.
We are methodically moving forward. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.
Jimmy Adams, President

It should be noted that the special tax district assessment fee will cover annual maintenance costs so it will not be necessary to pay annual dues at the AGM in January.

More information on the design of the Ogee which is expected to replace the dam will be reported when Mark King has completed negotiations with DEHEC, Richland County Storm Water & engineering companies.

Our best hope is that the lake will be restored by summer 2017.

Here is some information on the design of an Ogee type weir obtained from the web.



Figure 11.32
Characteristics of an ogee (having an S-shaped curve) spillway.  An overflow spillway is a section of a dam designed to permit water to pass over its crest.  The ideal spillway form (b) matches the underside of the nappe of a sharp-crested weir (a).  The ideal is closely represented by (c) the lower reverse-curve portion should have a radius of about one-fourth the spillway height.  For flows greater than the design flow on higher spillways, the overflowing water can (intermittently) break contact with the spillway surface (d), where a vaccuum will form and destructive cavitation can occur. We can prevent this by installing small ramps (e), sometimes in tandem, to control the cavity formation, and by freely supplying air into the cavities.

New Jackson Creek Elementary School & Magistrate Courts

The County has done a remarkable job in responding to our request for clean water discharges from these two projects which will use permeable concrete & triple filtering of water before site run-off into Jackson Creek & subsequently into Cary Lake.

Lobbying was spearheaded by Alicia DeMyhrer & her efforts to make the county aware of our lake’s water quality issues have been successful.

She also recently organized a trash pick-up on Decker with GCWA (September 17th) & pictures of the folks who participated need to be posted – see attached.

A link to drone footage of the lakebeds by Heathwood School after the flood were provided by Erich Miarka -of Gills Creek Watershed

This round includes Cary Lake, Upper Spring Lake, Forest Lake, Lake Katharine, Crowson Road, and Gamecock BiLo areas.

Steve Brown’s son, Michael Brown used a drone to capture more detailed views of growth on Cary Lake bed. The first link shows a beaver lodge on the creek taken 12-30-16 – the lodge is first seen at 1 min 50 seconds of the 7 minute video.


Click here to view the Decker Center Tour Handout

Click here to view the Low Impact Development for Eco-Conscious Stormwater Management

There was a public meeting at Decker Magistrates Court building Thursday 9th February 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain public input on a proposed plan to beautify Decker Boulevard with central reservations, new traffic signals, trees, brick walkways & bike paths. Total cost of the improvements was $20 million but only $12.5 million is available from the penny tax. Work is anticipated to start in 2018.

New Elementary School Under Construction

Construction of a new Richland County School District 2 elementary school is at an advanced stage of construction on virgin land at the corner of Trenholm Extension & O’Neil Court. Anticipated opening is Fall semester 2017.

Since this could have significant impact on lake siltation CLHA together with GCWA has lobbied for Best Management Practices (BMPs) to minimize impact on Cary Lake. RCSD2 has held several public meetings to explain the measures being taken to mitigate any environmental impact on Cary Lake. A power point presentation is attached ES #20 Community Presentation 092414 for DistributionThe contractors, LS3P, are holding regular meetings and site inspections with both RCSD2, GCWA and CLHA. Recently two reports have been issued on analysis of water samples taken from monitoring stations in Jackson Creek upstream of Cary Lake. The intention is to continue monitoring through the construction phase. The reports are attached in the Water Quality tab. Unfortunately the October 2015 flood washed away the instruments being used & a vast quantity of silt has been deposited into Cary Lake.

Roper Pond Case

A video of the Oral Arguments at the State Supreme Court may be viewed at A hearing of the suit for damages against the Town was held on Monday May 9th 2016 and there is still an investigation.

Old Zorba’s Restaurant

The old Zorba’s restaurant and adjacent land on Decker Boulevard has been purchased by Richland County. It has been demolished and its future use is under discussion. Councilman Jim Manning is spearheading this project.