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  • Dent Middle School on Decker Blvd. is raising funds for students to participate in the SC "Adopt a Stream Project". Dr Rachael Tustin is a teacher at the school & sent the following message to CLHA: Dent Middle School's AVID and Gills Creek Watershed Student Association are sponsoring a raffle. Proceeds will be used to continue the work our Dent Middle School students do as part of the SC Adopt a Stream Project. AVID will use its share of the proceeds to help defer the costs of field studies that will prepare students to be college and career ready. A limited number of tickets will be sold! 1st Prize - One Day Park Hopper Passes to Disney World (Quantity 4) 2nd/3rd Prize - Fireflies hat/ball set Each Ticket Costs $7.50 Tickets are on sale March 1-March 26 and only available online. Winners will be drawn March 28! Tickets can be purchased at: Sincerely, Dr. Tustin and Ms. Preudhomme
  • Arcadia Lakes Town Council Meetings are held every first Thursday each month at the Town Hall at 6711 N. Trenholm Rd.

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Cary Lake prior to October 5th 2015

Update on Dam Reconstruction Project – March 8th 2018

This is just a note to confirm that a stainless steel plate has been attached to the top of the dam to bring the lake up to its original level.

Pictures of the dam as at March 2018 are attached.

New Jackson Creek Elementary School & Magistrate Courts

Members will no doubt be aware of the tremendous investment by Richland County in the Dent area around Decker Boulevard led by Richland County Councilman Jim Manning. The new Jackson Creek Elementary School and the $20 million Magistrates building are just the beginning. Decker center environmental 

Planning is in progress for a $2 million streetscaping improvement of Decker Boulevard using funding is from penny tax receipts. Decker Renaissance Plan

The County has responded magnificently to lobbying efforts by Gills Creek Watershed Association, Cary Lake Homeowners Association & others for control of storm water run-off which has a beneficial impact on Cary Lake. Storm water from these projects is effectively triple filtered before discharge through use of permeable concrete, underground settling tanks & finally a rain garden.

CLHA member Alicia DeMhyrer has been successful in obtaining a grant from Palmetto Pride to install trash cans on Decker Boulevard. Other members of CLHA have been involved in judging science projects with the students & staff at Dent Middle School. These projects are for design of raingardens to mitigate storm water run-off from school buildings, car parks & athletic fields. The Rotary Club of Forest Acres has partnered with Dent Middle School to provide food packs to underprivileged students. For details contact Rotary President Sandi Olsen at

All these projects are improving the quality of water in Cary Lake.